• SUPER SHOES | Which one is right for you?

    SUPER SHOES | Which one is right for you?

    In this video, we discuss what a 'Super Shoe' is, how they work to enhance your running economy and how the range of Super Shoes we have here in store @ TRC may suit you based on your current training and future goals.

  • ASICS METARACER | The ‘Racing Flat Super Shoe’

    The ASICS METARACER retains the feel of a traditional racing flat (E.g. ASICS TartherEdge) whilst employing some new technology that’s aims to enhance running economy, including higher volumes of a lighter foam in the midsole and a carbon plate.
  • ASICS Novablast - a volume trainer for everyday mileage.

    Expect a springy & bouncy feeling underfoot in a light package.
    We recommend the Novablast be used as a shoe that can cover multiple bases (e.g. easy running in combination with some faster tempo work) if the runner prefers not to go into separate lightweight & volume trainers.

  • HOKA RINCON - Maximal meets Lightweight Trainer

    The Hoka Rincon takes a Maximal shoe philosophy (lots of cushioning and stiff rear-foot rocker) and integrates features of lightweight trainers (less cushioning/mass & increased flexibility under the big toe).
  • Asics EvoRide Vs DS Trainer 25

    The ASICS EvoRide is a lightweight trainer that targets a different feel to the ASICS lightweight staple - the DS Trainer. Thanks to a full contact Flytefoam propel midsole that doesn’t contain gel cushioning or a midfoot trussic, expect a lighter and smoother ride.
  • THE LAP OF THE LAKE (Lake Monger - Perth )

    Inter generational connection and oral tradition are powerful motivators for communities. Particularly sporting clubs where they align values and c...

    The regular PUR group runs have been postponed due to COVID-19. So we are kicking off PURONA – a virtual PUR run club.
  • TRC REVIEW | Asics Nimbus Lite VS Asics Nimbus 22

    The Ride of a shoe is defined as the feeling a runner will get as they move through the stance phase of the gait cycle - i.e. from ground contact ...
  • TRC PRODUCT | Prept Hydration Enhancer

       Are you training and racing in the heat? Prept could be a solid hydration solution for you. TRC resident Sports Dietitian Catalyst Dietitian -...
  • NEW SAUCONY CUSHIONING = Light & Responsive

    For runners seeking premium cushioning, you’ll be hard pressed to beat the new Saucony Triumph 17.
  • HOKA SPEEDGOAT 4 - Updates from Model 3

    The HOKA SPEEDGOAT 4 builds on one of our most popular trail shoes (model #3) by adding in 3D printed overlays to the upper, promoting a more secu...

    If you love the feeling of On Footwear (low profile & responsive) and are planning to hit the trails over Summer, make sure you try the trail options we have in store.