Sustainability for the future

The Running Centre are always finding innovative ways to operate sustainably and provide ethical footwear and accessories to our customers.  
Our sustainability partner is Fair Game Australia. 

Fair Game Australia along with The Running Centre want to empower communities improve the health and wellbeing of all people through Reducing waste by extending the life of pre-loved sports equipment & running shoes. 

Check out the link to see the wonderful work Fair Game Australia provides for our community. 


    • TRC use Eco Print ink cartridges which use sustainability sourced and recycled material.
    • All shoe boxes and paper in store are processed and recycled separately.
    • We avoid printing receipts as we email them digitally.

    • All our cleaning products in store are kind on the environment. 
    • We switch off all our lights after hours to reduce our carbon footprint. 
    • Bagless vacuum cleaners to reduce waste.
    • Try on socks are washed and reused. 
    • Brands with plastic packaging are reused for customer to use as bags at check out. 
    • We request brands to send products without packaging. 
When you shop at The Running Centre, you can rest assured that we are doing as much as possible for a sustainable future.