The regular PUR group runs have been postponed due to COVID-19. So we are kicking off PURONA – a virtual PUR run club.
  • TRC REVIEW | Asics Nimbus Lite VS Asics Nimbus 22

    The Ride of a shoe is defined as the feeling a runner will get as they move through the stance phase of the gait cycle - i.e. from ground contact ...
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    For runners seeking premium cushioning, you’ll be hard pressed to beat the new Saucony Triumph 17.
  • HOKA SPEEDGOAT 4 - Updates from Model 3

    The HOKA SPEEDGOAT 4 builds on one of our most popular trail shoes (model #3) by adding in 3D printed overlays to the upper, promoting a more secu...

    If you love the feeling of On Footwear (low profile & responsive) and are planning to hit the trails over Summer, make sure you try the trail options we have in store.



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