TRC Technical Update | Hoka Bondi X


Maximal cushioning with a responsive feel. The HOKA Bondi is known for its maximally cushioned midsole and rocker geometry that can effectively shift load away from the ankle (looking after tissues such as the calves, Achilles & arch). This has made them very popular with runners looking to tackle longer distances or shift load away from troublesome areas. The one downside can be a heavy/clunky feel on the end of your foot. BUT - this is where the Hoka Bondi X comes into its own!

There's still a lot of shoe in the Hoka Bondi X, but thanks to it's refined rocker geometry and carbon plate, the cushioning is complemented by a responsive feel underfoot to help you transition from ground contact to toe off that bit quicker. 
If you're currently in a Hoka Bondi and are wanting something a bit more responsive OR are looking for a shoe that feels good on your feet without compromising the load on the tissues around your ankle, we'd recommend trying on the Hoka Bondi X!