• SUPER SHOES | Which one is right for you?

    SUPER SHOES | Which one is right for you?

    In this video, we discuss what a 'Super Shoe' is, how they work to enhance your running economy and how the range of Super Shoes we have here in store @ TRC may suit you based on your current training and future goals.

  • ASICS METARACER | The ‘Racing Flat Super Shoe’

    The ASICS METARACER retains the feel of a traditional racing flat (E.g. ASICS TartherEdge) whilst employing some new technology that’s aims to enhance running economy, including higher volumes of a lighter foam in the midsole and a carbon plate.
  • ASICS Novablast - a volume trainer for everyday mileage.

    Expect a springy & bouncy feeling underfoot in a light package.
    We recommend the Novablast be used as a shoe that can cover multiple bases (e.g. easy running in combination with some faster tempo work) if the runner prefers not to go into separate lightweight & volume trainers.

  • HOKA RINCON - Maximal meets Lightweight Trainer

    The Hoka Rincon takes a Maximal shoe philosophy (lots of cushioning and stiff rear-foot rocker) and integrates features of lightweight trainers (less cushioning/mass & increased flexibility under the big toe).
  • Asics EvoRide Vs DS Trainer 25

    The ASICS EvoRide is a lightweight trainer that targets a different feel to the ASICS lightweight staple - the DS Trainer. Thanks to a full contact Flytefoam propel midsole that doesn’t contain gel cushioning or a midfoot trussic, expect a lighter and smoother ride.
  • TRC REVIEW | Asics Nimbus Lite VS Asics Nimbus 22

    The Ride of a shoe is defined as the feeling a runner will get as they move through the stance phase of the gait cycle - i.e. from ground contact ...
  • NEW SAUCONY CUSHIONING = Light & Responsive

    For runners seeking premium cushioning, you’ll be hard pressed to beat the new Saucony Triumph 17.