TRC Technical Update | Mizuno Wave Rider 25 & Mizuno Wave Inspire 17

The Rider & Inspire are two staples within the Mizuno volume trainer category that offer a unique ride and prolonged durability. 
The wave plate that sits through the rearfoot of both models results in a firmer and responsive ride relative to foam dominant midsoles.
To complement this, Mizuno Enerzy cushioning sits on both sides of the wave plate to provide a soft first feel, however the overall ride will appeal to those after a responsive feeling underfoot.
Regardless of your stability needs and prior shoe use, either the Wave Inspire or Wave Rider can assist in spreading out load evenly across the foot thanks to the geometry of the wave plates and the structure of the surface area beneath the foot. 
If you're keen for a durable volume trainer with a responsive ride, come in store to TRC and give them a try!