Pickle Juice Extra Strength Shot - 75ml

Pickle Juice Extra Strength Shot - 75ml

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With over 100,000,000+ bottles sold worldwide, Pickle Juice is a 100% natural, purpose built isotonic beverage designed specifically to stop muscle cramps and prevent them from returning.


- Perfect for those who suffer regular cramps or cramps from high intensity activities

- 100% natural isotonic

- 100% sugar free, caffeine free, GMO free and gluten free

- 10x the amount of electrolytes of other sports drinks

How to Use

Pickle Juice can be consumed prior to exercise in order to load up on electrolytes to help maintain adequate hydration. To assist in preventing muscle cramps, Pickle Juice should be consumed at the first sign of cramping. Drink Pickle Juice Extra Strength to assist in stopping an existing cramp and to prevent them from returning.

Extra Strength Pickle Juice is recommended for individuals participating in high intensity sports prior to, or during exercise.