TRC Technical Update | Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 VS Endorphin Speed 2

Forgiving, versatile & fast! The Saucony Endorphin Speed & Pro have been some of our most popular models of the past year and we are super excited to have version #2 of each in stock to help you towards your next goal!
The Endorphin Speed 2 is an incredibly versatile shoe! There's a solid amount of cushioning beneath your feet, but it's very light and thanks to it's full length nylon plate and rocker geometry, will look after the tissues around the ankle joint (calves, Achilles & plantar fascia) relative to traditional lightweight trainers (e.g. Saucony Kinvara), whilst providing a responsive ride underfoot at a variety of paces (steady, tempo & threshold). If you're currently in a traditional lightweight trainer (e.g. Saucony Kinvara or NB Rebel/Beacon) and are wanting something that is more versatile (can go longer or faster) and forgiving to the lower legs - without changing too much - we'd recommend trying on the Endorphin Speed #2!
The Endorphin Pro #2 functions in a very similar way to the Endorphin Speed #2, but prioritises performance over versatility. The Pro ventures further into performance territory with lighter materials and increased responsiveness relative to the Endorphin Speed #2. It has a FAST feel and can assist in reducing ground contact time when you're moving well (tempo pace or quicker). We'd recommend the runner be comfortable completing the distance they are planning to race with this shoe to ensure they reap the rewards and don't ask too much from their legs. If you love the feel of your Endorphin Speed #2 and want to go fast over a distance you're conditioned to, give the Endorphin Pro #2 a try!