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TRC Technical Update | Hoka Carbon X2 vs Rocket X

TRC Technical Update | Hoka Carbon X2 vs Rocket X

Forgiveness meets performance. The HOKA range is known for their maximal midsoles and rocker geometry that shifts load away from the ankle (looking after tissues such as the calves, Achilles & arch), making them very popular with those looking to tackle longer distances or shift load away from troublesome areas. Their performance range carries these origins with the addition of some performance metrics to help you improve your best times. 
The Carbon X situates itself as the forgiving super-shoe. There's a lot of a shoe, but it's very light and thanks to it's full length carbon plate and significant rocker geometry, will look after your ankles relative to more aggressive super shoes. If you're currently in a maximal volume trainer (e.g. Hoka Bondi or Clifton) and are wanting something lighter and more responsive - without changing too much - we'd recommend trying on the Carbon X!
The Rocket X ventures further into performance territory with a lower stack, lighter weight and increased responsiveness relative to the Carbon X. It has a FAST feel but we'd recommend the runner be comfortable completing the distance they are planning to race with this shoe to ensure they reap the rewards and don't ask too much from their legs. If you love the feel of Hoka and want to go fast over a distance you're conditioned to, give the Rocket X a try!

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