Fasciitis Clinic

Fasciitis Clinic

Plantar Fascitiis is inflammation of the band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. Pain usually presents at onset of activity, after activity or first thing in the morning upon waking at the base of the heel.

The symptoms are commonly caused by repetitive load (ie standing, walking and running) which exceed local tolerance. This imbalance between load and tolerance results in inflammation and disrepair, leading to pain, 
reduced function, limitation in walking & running and ongoing frustration for the sufferer.

The Fasciitis clinic at TRC specialises in the assessment and treatment of Plantar Heel pain, having at our disposal a range of treatment modalities including Shockwave Therapy; Footwear Prescription; Orthotic therapy; Strengthening; Load management and more. We also work closely with Sports Dr's and surgeons where pain is particularly complex and extra support is necessary.

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