THE LAP OF THE LAKE (Lake Monger - Perth )

Inter generational connection and oral tradition are powerful motivators for communities. Particularly sporting clubs where they align values and create a platform for both participation and high performance.

Rafael Baugh's mission is to transform the “Lap of the Lake”, a 3.5km lap around the inner city Lake Monger in the Town Of Cambridge, becomes an icon for WA runners of all levels just as “The Tan” has been for Victorians. This week, Front Runner Sports launched a virtual individual time trial challenge of the Lake for all those in the Perth region. Australian representative and West Australian 1500m (3.35), Mile (3.53) & 3000 (7.45) record holder Matt “Rockingham Rocket” Ramsden took to the task with gusto running an incredible 9.25 at 22.5k/hr or 2.40 per kilometre.