Blackroll Resist Band

Blackroll Resist Band

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  • Ideal for mobilization and for combined training for strength and increased flexibility
  • No unpleasant pulling on the skin, thanks to skin-friendly textiles
  • Unique patented textile material for greater training comfort
  • The BLACKROLL® RESIST BAND (approx. 190 cm) was developed to make the innovation in modern athletics training accessible to all.
    The band is meant to meet the high demands of professional athletes, but is also suitable for amateurs. A farewell to uncomfortable rubber bands – the new revolution is a skin-friendly elastic textile interwoven with latex free natural.

    The RESIST BAND is not only strong and tear-resistant, but also flexible and it touches comfortable at the same time – thanks to the revolutionary textile material. It does not cut into the skin and the velcro at the two ends allows a fast fixation of the band around the hips.

    The BLACKROLL® RESIST BAND is available in two different strengths with different colors. Gray – strong; black – extreme.


    • Check BLACKROLL® BANDS for damage before every training and only use BANDS in perfect condition
    • Start off at lower resistance until you have mastered the exercises. Only then, we suggest to move to higher resistance and/or more repetitions
    • Carry out all exercises as smoothly and slowly as possible
    • Breathe calmly and regularly while training
    • Exhale during the challenging part of the movement
    • Avoid holding your breath
    • Stop exercising immediately if you experience pain of any kind
    • If you have injuries or previous injuries, speak with your doctor or therapist before beginning the exercise program