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The BLACKROLL® SUPER BANDS are an enrichment for functional training. The tear-resistant, elastic and extremely flexible fitness bands were especially developed to stabilise all trunk muscles. Due to the natural fibres used the washable, skin friendly material our BLACKROLL ® BANDS feel very soft and comfortable in touch. By specific training of belly, back and trunk muscles the body posture and mobility of muscles and joints are improved. You can randomly combine the three different colours and strengths of the BLACKROLL ® SUPER BANDS to design your training with a lot of variations. 


Besides the BLACKROLL® LOOP BANDS and the BLACKROLL® RESIST BAND, BLACKROLL® SUPER BANDS perfectly complement functional training. With a length of 104 centimetres the area of use is very flexible to strength and stabilise the whole body.

Because of a comfortable surface and skin friendly materials our BLACKROLL® SUPER BANDS does not only suit very sensitive skin types but also allergy sufferers.

The resistance band is available in three different colours and strengths (orange=light, green=medium, blue=strong) to design functional training as varied as possible.


Due to the pocket size of the BLACKROLL® sports band you always have your sport equipment on the go. No matter if you want to train at home, in the gym, in the hotel or in the office - the BLACKROLL® gymnastic band is your permanent passenger. The bands also suit therapeutic use to improve a fast rehabilitation from sports injuries.

The best thing: As soon as you combine the BLACKROLL® SUPER BAND with the RESIST BAND, MULTI BAND and LOOP BAND the functional training can be designed even more extensive.

Because of the versatile application of the BLACKROLL® SUPER BANDS and the specific stabilisation of the upper body they especially suit people with sitting activities who often suffer from muscle tightness, neck or back pain.

Regular training with our BANDS supports an upright posture. The strengthening and stretching motions ensure a better flexibility. Thus, muscles feel clearly more relaxed after a workout.


A training with BLACKROLL® BANDS is not only fun - it's incredible effective, too. Rowing, pull-ups and push-ups are easily possible. Furthermore, you can use the training bands to strengthen your legs, shoulders and arms. 

BLACKROLL® sports bands are available either individually or as a set to extend the scope of your training. Beginner should start with low resistance and increase the intensity slowly.

The BLACKROLL® Set consisting of three different colours and strengths is ideal for advanced people. 

The base material of BLACKROLL® fitness bands consists of rubber whereas the outside contains skin friendly, soft textile fibres that don't leave uncomfortable rashes on the skin. Only approved materials are used for the production of the bands. These materials also suit sensitive skin types, especially allergy sufferers. The textile material is not only skin friendly - it can even be washed with common detergents at 60°C.